Tuesday, July 5, 2011


 Hi guys , I came to know about this www.twenty19.com today. Thanks to Singer Chinmayi akka for this useful information via twitter.

Whats all about this site? its a site with plenty of details like where you can find training courses like java , animation in your city , which are the companies offering stripen for internship (ah! project time) , No. of companies looking to hire a fresher and all job details too. Spent an hour reading through website and i am just amazed how come this site never been thrown up in google when searching for projects or work from home jobs.

Anyway atleast now for those who are looking for job both part time and full time , here is a website that assists giving the details you need. So , guys don't forget to take a visit and also don't forget to tell your friends. Good things needs to be shared.

Don't forget : www..twenty19.com

On personel note ,
நாளும் நடந்து முடிந்த பின்னே நல்லது கேட்டது தெரிந்ததடா......எல்லாம் விதி

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