Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tamizh Aasai

முடியும் என்றால் முடியும்
முயன்றால் எதுவும் புரியும்

முன்னேறோர் வாழ்க்கை இருட்டு
முன்னேற்றத்தில் துயரத்தை விரட்டு

முதன்மை என்ற நினைவு
முழுமையை காட்டும் கனவு

- Vishnu Kumar ... ( my own writings inspired from the words of Great kannadasan's - உள்ளம் என்பது ஆமை... )

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today's Mind

When i say to people, "comen! keep learning always and you will see the difference. Learning is sign of improvement" ... but i often get shot back by, "Its boring to read" or "what i am going to get by learning x?" ... to all those people, today i found the words to give it back what i got.....

Knowledge is not everything but everything is knowledge. You either learn to embrace it or prepare to get embarrassed by it. 

Simple! Knowledge is not just in books or class room, it is there everywhere you see and feel. Only thing you need to do is, start to think everything as learning rather than curse or luck or problem or whatever bad omens you sign it as. Unless you accept it as learning and move forward with that attained knowledge, you have every chance to get caught again in same old problem.

Here is the another thing. My friends used to tell me, "My confidence got hit when i hear people say like that or when i got whacked all over the cricket ground "... yes, nothing new in that. We, humans have feelings and hurt is just one cruel  thing in that. Even, i too get this kind of feeling but i learned to come over it sooner.

When someone says "you can do it", you feel new energy inside you but when someone says "you can't do it", you must see that as chance to replenish energy again.

Just want to share my thoughts. May be it can help you in someway :)

Take care,
Vishnu Kumar