Friday, February 24, 2012

Mind voice of today

I live my life in middle where the children do what he/she loves to do at any cost bravely and the grown-ups, frightened to do what he/she loves and does anything for cost. Children finds joy in what he/she loves to do but grown-ups throws away anything including his/her love, just to accommodate the word of joy in their life.
Strange but true and we think, we are brave and courageous. What a life of illusion thinking/thought we are living with.. Those dare to learn will dare not to live in world of lazy people loop.
Don't Hesitate, Lets Enjoy the life like child!
 Wake up friends! Life is a path slanting downside from the beginning. The joy in it will be decided whether you walk in afraid of slips in each step or slide through (the difficulties to dreams or do what you like).
Vishnu Kumar