Monday, July 4, 2011

A night full of reading and listening

Just like any other night , said good night to my friends in online forums and twitter then went on to watch an NDTV Debate on Rajinikanth Phenomenon before going to bed. After watching this, i had my own points & facts to nail those who said Rajini is Market muscle pull. But just I went on to read more about Thailaivar Rajini early life and blah blah... found some really shocking things and the day begins here...

Then slowly story linked me towards reading and watching videos about Vairamuthu Sir. After some inspiring and true story , i came to know the most shocking news i have never heard. There had been tussle between Illayaraja sir and Vairamuthu Sir in 90's which parted them apart for 20 years till now. After 1990, Vairamuthu Sir and Illayaraja Sir never worked together again.

Then came the night gold for sacrificing sleep. I saw a video where Vairamuthu Sir speaking about Dr.Abdul Kalam which resulted in giving more links to Dr.Abdul Kalam sir in Youtube. Slowly one by one , i watched as much video as possible for close to 2 hours from Dr.Abdul Kalam sir speach in Internation conference to School function. Even though i love him so much earlier but i never seen the videos i saw today. Dr.Abdul Kalam sir saying what it means Leadership and What skills needed for Leadership are just awesome to relate to my dream. He said "Vision, Passion and how to make success after failure are the three important skills for Leadership". Not in a conference or to high-tech people , but in one of primary school fucntion. He said so much that each point struck my heart like a bow from Ekalavya in Mahabhartha.

It takes so much time to really explain what i went through in last 10 hours or so but i really hope this hours are my defining moments in life.

Dr. Abdul Kalam said ,
"When there is a righteousness in the heart , there is a beauty in the character
 When there is a beauty in the character , there is a harmony in the home
 When there is a harmony in the home , there is a order in nation
 When there is a order in nation , there is a peace in the world"

I feel like re-charged much energy in the heart. I will try to get all links and post it here , so that it might help you..

Have a nice day!

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