Thursday, July 21, 2011

Home at first

Three days ago, i had good conversation with my sister elder daughter Nivedha who is studying 4th standard in Matriculation school. The conversation is just reminded again what's the wrong our school teachers are doing.

Me: What is the name of our PM? Prime Minister?
Nivedha: Jawarherlal Nehru
I am shaking my head, indicating its wrong
Nivedha: first or second
Me: now
Nivedha: Jayalalitha

I laughed and explained to her who is Jayalalitha and Manmohan Singh is our PM.Also, I explained her about the question difference asking first PM and the one i asked. Whenever someone asks generally you have to say the current one not the first or second. She nodded the head in disappointed and challenged me with a  question. She doesn't like being pointed out as wrong one, so she will always ask me a question so that she can outsmart me and also have a laugh at me saying "you don't know even this one, you are studying in college".

Nivedha: முன்றாவது தமிழ் செம்மொழி மாநாடு எது? (which is 3rd tamil conference?) ---( also note the way she asked the question)
She kept repeating asking again and again, forcing me to answer. I don't know the answer, so kept ignoring without answering. Then after her continuous pursuing , I answered thinking anyway it would have happened somewhere in tamilnadu.
Me: Tamilnadu
Nivedha: No, its coimbatore
Me: ok, coimbatore is in Tamilnadu
Nivedha: No.. Tamilnadu is country
Me: what? its a state in India
Nivedha: No, In tamil it's Tamilnadu and in english, its called India.

I laughed at her and hit in her head. I know the answer i said is not the correct one and she has every right to laught at me. We elders do act smartly with person who are less capable than us rather than it should be other way around. After that i explained to her that the question she is asked is wrong but she resisted initially and later accepted the mistake when her mom told. The conversation went on for some more time with more questions.

This post is not to show i am better or have a laugh at this conversation. We need to think, a child at 4th class doesn't even know how to answer simple questions when it is asked in other words than that her teacher written and taught her. You ask the questions in any way about TV serials like Thirumathi selvam, Thangam, Thenral and Chellama ( all are Sun tv tamil serials), she will tell the answers. So, what's the difference? where lies the mistake? we paid over 20000 rupees as fees for her but in return, she is not learning what is needed.

We Indians are seriously lagging in good teachers especially at primary levels. Nowadays Education is becoming more like a business where only brand names changes depending on the money we can afford not the quality. Its really sad to see her just mugging what is in the notes or book and writing that in exams without knowing the meaning. We can't blame teachers alone, parents have share in this. My sister always used to tell "she won't be like you, will be better" whenever i question the way she teach or question her girl ability. Off course even i want her like to be me but i just can't resist saying she is not getting better in knowledge for the money she is spending.

If there is a child in or around your home, just take a time to interact with her. Not to prove, you are better but to let her know simple things they need to know. Just tell them great man stories like Einstein, Abdul kalam and others to let her dream to be better.

"We need a visionary teachers not at high school level but at primary levels" - Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

We had so many conversation like this, but i hope one day she can outsmart and laugh at me. I will be ashamed but will be proud at my heart.

Good morning to all , have a nice day and pray for better teachers

Vishnu Kumar

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