Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life is a walk of pain

When i see the road, i worry
When i see the wastes dropped collectively on the roadside, i worry
When i see a child in need of help on the road, i worry
When i see a old man cleaning the shops on the roadside, i worry
When i see a man pulling, sweating and riding with heavy loads in three wheelers on the road, i worry
When i see a man working at the top of buildings with his life far from the roadside, i worry
When i see students protesting on the road at noon just to make a show, i worry
When i see myself a part of this, i worry

When all this worries hit me, there are moments that erases all this
A Mother protecting her child from hot sunshine using her saree,
Kids enjoying the walk towards school with friends,
A worker smiling in joy after earning the money,
A banner showing the success of pain,
So much worry, so little a joy to smile - Life is a walk of pain

Sometimes i feel so proud to be part of this world but most time i feel cursed. There are two types of man i see,

A - a man who goes up in his life by looking down, will never fear to come down.
B - a man who goes up by looking up, will dare to do anything to stay on top in fear of getting down"

At the moment, B is leading A in huge margin but when A starts taking lead, i feel the world is blessed with joy and missed with worries

Thank you,
Vishnu Kumar

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Home at first

Three days ago, i had good conversation with my sister elder daughter Nivedha who is studying 4th standard in Matriculation school. The conversation is just reminded again what's the wrong our school teachers are doing.

Me: What is the name of our PM? Prime Minister?
Nivedha: Jawarherlal Nehru
I am shaking my head, indicating its wrong
Nivedha: first or second
Me: now
Nivedha: Jayalalitha

I laughed and explained to her who is Jayalalitha and Manmohan Singh is our PM.Also, I explained her about the question difference asking first PM and the one i asked. Whenever someone asks generally you have to say the current one not the first or second. She nodded the head in disappointed and challenged me with a  question. She doesn't like being pointed out as wrong one, so she will always ask me a question so that she can outsmart me and also have a laugh at me saying "you don't know even this one, you are studying in college".

Nivedha: முன்றாவது தமிழ் செம்மொழி மாநாடு எது? (which is 3rd tamil conference?) ---( also note the way she asked the question)
She kept repeating asking again and again, forcing me to answer. I don't know the answer, so kept ignoring without answering. Then after her continuous pursuing , I answered thinking anyway it would have happened somewhere in tamilnadu.
Me: Tamilnadu
Nivedha: No, its coimbatore
Me: ok, coimbatore is in Tamilnadu
Nivedha: No.. Tamilnadu is country
Me: what? its a state in India
Nivedha: No, In tamil it's Tamilnadu and in english, its called India.

I laughed at her and hit in her head. I know the answer i said is not the correct one and she has every right to laught at me. We elders do act smartly with person who are less capable than us rather than it should be other way around. After that i explained to her that the question she is asked is wrong but she resisted initially and later accepted the mistake when her mom told. The conversation went on for some more time with more questions.

This post is not to show i am better or have a laugh at this conversation. We need to think, a child at 4th class doesn't even know how to answer simple questions when it is asked in other words than that her teacher written and taught her. You ask the questions in any way about TV serials like Thirumathi selvam, Thangam, Thenral and Chellama ( all are Sun tv tamil serials), she will tell the answers. So, what's the difference? where lies the mistake? we paid over 20000 rupees as fees for her but in return, she is not learning what is needed.

We Indians are seriously lagging in good teachers especially at primary levels. Nowadays Education is becoming more like a business where only brand names changes depending on the money we can afford not the quality. Its really sad to see her just mugging what is in the notes or book and writing that in exams without knowing the meaning. We can't blame teachers alone, parents have share in this. My sister always used to tell "she won't be like you, will be better" whenever i question the way she teach or question her girl ability. Off course even i want her like to be me but i just can't resist saying she is not getting better in knowledge for the money she is spending.

If there is a child in or around your home, just take a time to interact with her. Not to prove, you are better but to let her know simple things they need to know. Just tell them great man stories like Einstein, Abdul kalam and others to let her dream to be better.

"We need a visionary teachers not at high school level but at primary levels" - Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

We had so many conversation like this, but i hope one day she can outsmart and laugh at me. I will be ashamed but will be proud at my heart.

Good morning to all , have a nice day and pray for better teachers

Vishnu Kumar

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back from sick

Had a tough two days with lot of headache and throat pain...can't able to sit in front for some time... really missed writing some interesting things i experienced few days back.. btw! I got an opportunity for writing sports article for through internship program. Thanks to for showing me the way.

I have already written 3 articles for them. You can view all my articles through this link

One small request, after reading please do comment. Because a writer will always like to know the readers reaction, be it a criticism or praise.

Vishnu Kumar

Friday, July 15, 2011

Ask this again and again

My life took complete turnaround by asking this questions. When i down and disappointed, when i needed motivation, when i needed a sting to hold on , when i needed a life to live... for all this answers i got questions. Its too easy to just enjoy the youngster life and move on later with family, but to think & think again in youngster life is difficult and a must one too.

What i am going to do for my parents? Is being able to like what they expect will bring them proud and joy? No, never!! I want to see my parents show their joy through tears by not able to keep intact with them. I want my parents to see what i achieved. So, for that i need to do something, something that gave joy and proud for everyone.How i want to be remembered? Born , living and die can be done by any living things in the world but living after you die is what the human beings are made for. What i did for my land, my nation and my people? Can my child be proud of me? because the moment the child think, i could have died instead born for you, all your life goes meaningless.

Sometimes youngster thinking and feeling like this are termed not known to live a life by others. Its true because they are going to live a life not known by others.

Vazhkaiya ippadithan vazhanum sollran paru - avana nambu
Vazhkaiya ippadiyum vazhalam kamikkiran paru- avanaiyum nambu
Ana vazhkaiya eppadi venalam vazhalam solluran paru - avana nambatha kayavana irrupathai vida uyirai vidalam

Just want to say what i had in my mind...take it if you like, teach me if you think its mistake and forgive me if i am wrong.

Good night!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

1000 hits

 wow! great to see the blog had 1000 page views. Thanks to all who took time to visit my page. I hope i provided good content to read and will continue to do so. When i was starting this blog, i was running everywhere to promote but later i dropped the idea completely. I just wrote to express my feelings and day to day life, suddenly without even promoting , i saw more people taking time to visit my blog and read.

This shows good content don't need to be promoted but it needs to be shared. I hope everyone who reads share those good things to your friends. Because sharing is the only way, one can get true pleasure in the life. Whatever it is, just share things with others, you will get great satisfaction for achieving things.

1000 Good morning today :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh! Not again

Our so called Mr.HM Inspecting
Blast - How many times in my life time i keep hearing this?..where is the stop button for this? surely our politician never going to pull this off even if knew it. Because for the past 18yrs, this thing of blast has happened time and again , only thing our crowned politician did best is "Inspecting the blast sites". I don't know what human are they made off. Surely 18yrs is too long to just pass on the odds against each party, not one even one government stepped up to wipe out this entirely from our land.

 We had enough bloodshed already. At least if not able to prevent, we still don't have medical emergency system. My heart fell broken when i saw this picture (below). This is just insane that there is not enough ambulance is rushed to the site. But on other side, great to see that our people still not lost out hearts, helping each other when needed as much as they could in whatever way. Also kudos to Mumbai police for alerting all people via cell phone message requesting them to stay inside not to come out, thus reducing the chaos on the street which might hamper the rescue operations.

Blast victims of Zavari Blast carried out in lorry

People Helping

US after 9/11 9 years ago, alerted their system. But we still after "Black Friday" 18 years ago, keep repeating the mistake. Hope! the remedy is very near, we don't want another Black Friday.

But whatever happens , Life goes on...A very Good morning to all.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Take a Walk

I used to walk to my near friends home in evening time or i take myself a walk for some distance between 8 pm to 9.30 pm. Both in my home and my friends ask me why i do that, because i loved it. I love that evening time cool breeze, environment, nature beauty, stars in the sky, children's playing in the street and many other things that makes my mind to relax. It gives me lot of pleasure when i walk in evening times.It takes me to new world, i will forget all my problems, tensions and everything. Not even one day i miss doing this.

So, i am suggesting you friends , please take a walk for some distance in evening times. If any friends accompany you, it will be even more great for you.I am sure your mind will be free after doing this, you will love the world and you will love the life.Just try it for a day, it doesn't cost you anything.

Remember don't walk in the high density roads and start scolding me for suggesting this.

Good night!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Start writing - its not too late

 Why not starting about your life? looking back your life, you can see how you created a path on your own and talent you had in your young age and all those mischief's , naughty behavior and lots of memory. There is no best way to re-live those moments and also to know more about yourself. Believe me or not, there is some magic in writing. May be that's why all great man had supreme believe in writing about themselves or their vision , dreams and more.

There is no one to hear, just you and your life. So , the best time for being really honest on you and everything involved in your life. You can write lot of things that can't be shared with others. The fear, love, lose, disappointment, angry and every emotions of your life will get an answer when you are writing.

There are many things that can't be expressed but only can be felt and writing is definitely one thing. When writing you will go to your deepest heart, where you will find lot of truth about you. We tend to forget lot about us as we grow up like eating along with all families & friends on top roof with open face. Little little moments but off a great value.

Just try it, you will find an answer for your life.

Cheers! and good night

Dream Cricket started rolling in

After a long gap , started working on my dream project few days ago. I lost energy in the middle and had no mood to code for project anymore but thanks to Dr. Abdul Kalam sir , watching his speech in youtube really inspired me. I already wrote about that night few days ago here.

Dream cricket is a single player role playing simulator game. You start as a young kid and progress through your cricket career. Initial design are going on. Finished 10-20% part of the project successful. Off course , main thing is match engine which i will be starting next now. Thinking and pondering about the ideas for match engine as i want users to be involved in the decision making when match is going on.

Lets see how coming days pans out with college starting soon, campus interviews and being shortlisted for journalist job in

I will post few screenshots very soon. If you have any ideas or concept you like to be seen in cricket game , you are most welcomed to share.

Thanks, Have a nice day!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

 Hi guys , I came to know about this today. Thanks to Singer Chinmayi akka for this useful information via twitter.

Whats all about this site? its a site with plenty of details like where you can find training courses like java , animation in your city , which are the companies offering stripen for internship (ah! project time) , No. of companies looking to hire a fresher and all job details too. Spent an hour reading through website and i am just amazed how come this site never been thrown up in google when searching for projects or work from home jobs.

Anyway atleast now for those who are looking for job both part time and full time , here is a website that assists giving the details you need. So , guys don't forget to take a visit and also don't forget to tell your friends. Good things needs to be shared.

Don't forget :

On personel note ,
நாளும் நடந்து முடிந்த பின்னே நல்லது கேட்டது தெரிந்ததடா......எல்லாம் விதி

Monday, July 4, 2011

A night full of reading and listening

Just like any other night , said good night to my friends in online forums and twitter then went on to watch an NDTV Debate on Rajinikanth Phenomenon before going to bed. After watching this, i had my own points & facts to nail those who said Rajini is Market muscle pull. But just I went on to read more about Thailaivar Rajini early life and blah blah... found some really shocking things and the day begins here...

Then slowly story linked me towards reading and watching videos about Vairamuthu Sir. After some inspiring and true story , i came to know the most shocking news i have never heard. There had been tussle between Illayaraja sir and Vairamuthu Sir in 90's which parted them apart for 20 years till now. After 1990, Vairamuthu Sir and Illayaraja Sir never worked together again.

Then came the night gold for sacrificing sleep. I saw a video where Vairamuthu Sir speaking about Dr.Abdul Kalam which resulted in giving more links to Dr.Abdul Kalam sir in Youtube. Slowly one by one , i watched as much video as possible for close to 2 hours from Dr.Abdul Kalam sir speach in Internation conference to School function. Even though i love him so much earlier but i never seen the videos i saw today. Dr.Abdul Kalam sir saying what it means Leadership and What skills needed for Leadership are just awesome to relate to my dream. He said "Vision, Passion and how to make success after failure are the three important skills for Leadership". Not in a conference or to high-tech people , but in one of primary school fucntion. He said so much that each point struck my heart like a bow from Ekalavya in Mahabhartha.

It takes so much time to really explain what i went through in last 10 hours or so but i really hope this hours are my defining moments in life.

Dr. Abdul Kalam said ,
"When there is a righteousness in the heart , there is a beauty in the character
 When there is a beauty in the character , there is a harmony in the home
 When there is a harmony in the home , there is a order in nation
 When there is a order in nation , there is a peace in the world"

I feel like re-charged much energy in the heart. I will try to get all links and post it here , so that it might help you..

Have a nice day!

twitted for 1 lakh crore question

"what should be done with the one lakh crore and counting found in kerala temple. all views welcome! " , A Question in twitter from Rajdeep Sardesi , top NDTV Editor.

I replied ,

Pay all our external debts.. i don't want to hear or see anywhere India borrowed money. if at all anything remains, provide free and quality education. Without quality Education, a Nation is doomed

I don't know he really reads my answer or not... but that's my wish.

What your views?

A Cry of an Indian Student

Wrote this article after so much of disappointment that media never got anything to do with Education and constantly citing Corruption and voicing lokpal will improve the country. No way! India needs better Education , India children needs Education and only Education can develop men not laws.

Read the Article

Looking forward to your views .... "silence makes things rot" - Gandhi.. so please send your feedback. Thanks!