Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh! Not again

Our so called Mr.HM Inspecting
Blast - How many times in my life time i keep hearing this?..where is the stop button for this? surely our politician never going to pull this off even if knew it. Because for the past 18yrs, this thing of blast has happened time and again , only thing our crowned politician did best is "Inspecting the blast sites". I don't know what human are they made off. Surely 18yrs is too long to just pass on the odds against each party, not one even one government stepped up to wipe out this entirely from our land.

 We had enough bloodshed already. At least if not able to prevent, we still don't have medical emergency system. My heart fell broken when i saw this picture (below). This is just insane that there is not enough ambulance is rushed to the site. But on other side, great to see that our people still not lost out hearts, helping each other when needed as much as they could in whatever way. Also kudos to Mumbai police for alerting all people via cell phone message requesting them to stay inside not to come out, thus reducing the chaos on the street which might hamper the rescue operations.

Blast victims of Zavari Blast carried out in lorry

People Helping

US after 9/11 9 years ago, alerted their system. But we still after "Black Friday" 18 years ago, keep repeating the mistake. Hope! the remedy is very near, we don't want another Black Friday.

But whatever happens , Life goes on...A very Good morning to all.

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