Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dream Cricket started rolling in

After a long gap , started working on my dream project few days ago. I lost energy in the middle and had no mood to code for project anymore but thanks to Dr. Abdul Kalam sir , watching his speech in youtube really inspired me. I already wrote about that night few days ago here.

Dream cricket is a single player role playing simulator game. You start as a young kid and progress through your cricket career. Initial design are going on. Finished 10-20% part of the project successful. Off course , main thing is match engine which i will be starting next now. Thinking and pondering about the ideas for match engine as i want users to be involved in the decision making when match is going on.

Lets see how coming days pans out with college starting soon, campus interviews and being shortlisted for journalist job in

I will post few screenshots very soon. If you have any ideas or concept you like to be seen in cricket game , you are most welcomed to share.

Thanks, Have a nice day!

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