Friday, July 15, 2011

Ask this again and again

My life took complete turnaround by asking this questions. When i down and disappointed, when i needed motivation, when i needed a sting to hold on , when i needed a life to live... for all this answers i got questions. Its too easy to just enjoy the youngster life and move on later with family, but to think & think again in youngster life is difficult and a must one too.

What i am going to do for my parents? Is being able to like what they expect will bring them proud and joy? No, never!! I want to see my parents show their joy through tears by not able to keep intact with them. I want my parents to see what i achieved. So, for that i need to do something, something that gave joy and proud for everyone.How i want to be remembered? Born , living and die can be done by any living things in the world but living after you die is what the human beings are made for. What i did for my land, my nation and my people? Can my child be proud of me? because the moment the child think, i could have died instead born for you, all your life goes meaningless.

Sometimes youngster thinking and feeling like this are termed not known to live a life by others. Its true because they are going to live a life not known by others.

Vazhkaiya ippadithan vazhanum sollran paru - avana nambu
Vazhkaiya ippadiyum vazhalam kamikkiran paru- avanaiyum nambu
Ana vazhkaiya eppadi venalam vazhalam solluran paru - avana nambatha kayavana irrupathai vida uyirai vidalam

Just want to say what i had in my mind...take it if you like, teach me if you think its mistake and forgive me if i am wrong.

Good night!

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