Sunday, December 11, 2011

You Name it!

Today is not like any other day for me. Off course, its Sunday, holiday for all and lazy day to be honest. But it started quite different for me today. Woke up as early as 7.00 AM, brushed and was getting ready to start my daily exercise routine but since drinking water came in corporation pipes, have to abandon my plans. Then something even more dramatic happened, i went to barber shop and finished my bath as early as 9.30AM. Now, thats something very unusual for me to have early bath in holidays and that too on Sunday.

But today is special in another way actually. A special man who everyone loves from heart and worship him like revolutionist was born today. A man without whom i firmly believe something would have solely be missed by the world and the dynasty of Tamil. Yes, I was speaking about the great, marvelous, wonderful, passionate and name it as many you want since this all will only precedes just one man and one name, Subramanya Bharathiyar (சுப்பிரமணிய பாரதி).

To be very honest, i want to say so many things about him but i am sure that it won't be something you don't know already. Rather i want to talk about something which saddened me today.

I think everyone know that tomorrow (Dec 12) is birthday for the one and only Superstar forever, RajniKanth. But this is not that something we needs to be sad about and as one of a fan, i am very happy and excited for tomorrow. Lets come to reality for a moment now, from morning and till now (1.30PM), how many newspapers, TV and any media highlighted the fact that today is Bharathiyar birthday, then compare it with Rajini Sir birthday celebration. This is nothing to do with Rajini Sir as person because he would have himself saddened by this fact. But this is about us, the society, the community and India.

As a matter of fact, amidst all debates i like that the facebook and twitter exists. Because its just pops me up the good hearts existing somewhere inbetween thousands and reminds me about the important things we forget often. Even though not many facebook and twitter status shared about Bharathiyar compared with Rajini sir today, they actually updated enough to get noticed about today special. I was deeply saddened by the way media (especially TV channel which is bigger market now) is going. Its nothing wrong in celebrating Superstar birthday because he is the pillar through which media grown and it inevatibaly gave life to many peoples via job.

Bharthiyar and Chellamal
But what is wrong in celebrating or remembering or sharing about Bharathi? It is a sad note the way world is moving now. The news about Bharathi birthday is only few seconds of information to be told for tamil channel including news channel.

I am not here saying i am perfect. I was got notified today via twitter in the morning by one good & responsible heart and immediately i was ashamed of myself as a tamizhan and student. Because i love this man Bharathi lot. He was the man who sowed revolutionary thoughts in my early days and the man who was responsible for holding the pride of tamil at a time people moved away from it. As a student, i learnt lot of things and his lessons are always remembered in my path. Its big mistake but it will be a even bigger mistake if i continue to repeat this one.

I sometimes wonder what is wrong with the world? Is the society that changed the individuals(us) or we the individuals changed the society to be like this? seriously i don't know. May be its best answered by each individual asking themselves this question looking at the world.

I want to be do this blog in tamil but its very hard for me to do it using online tamil typing software and moreover i haven't went for any typing class to learn & type in tamil using keyboard. Pardon me for that. Happy I blogged today though i wanted to cover lot of issues in this but time will come to raise about it.

Happy Birthday Mahakavi Bharathi avargalae!!!... though your body doesn't exist in the world, your thoughts and writings will always be.
"சாதிகள் இல்லையடி பாப்பா!-குலத் தாழ்ச்சி உயர்ச்சி சொல்லல் பாவம்; நீதி உயர்ந்த மதி,கல்வி-அன்பு நிறை உடையவர்கள் மேலோர். " 

Vande Mataram!

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  1. 1st time Im reading ur blog abt smthing other than cricket! true lines. //who was responsible for holding the pride of tamil at a time people moved away from it. // way 2 go anna :)