Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Good depends on your choice

I wanted to say this for long time because its something that changed me for better. Like many others, i too had wrong impression on watching English movie (believe me even in 21st century, most people in south india except those from citities still feel ashamed and guilty of watching channels like HBO, star movies and others). I don't know how to explain this, may be its because children feel watching these channel make their parents or others will feel bad about them and lip-lip kisses or womens wearing short dresses are just as bad as you can see in TV sitting with family.

But in the last 2 years or so, my view on English movies changed completely. Trust me, they are so many good and inspiring films available which you can watch together with family in TV. If any parents reading this blog, please doesn't block your child from watching English movies because somehow in another way he/she will watch those movies later down the years. Rather i would suggest to show him/her which are good movies to watch and learn.

Movies like October Sky, Rambo series, Rocky series, The Greatest Game Ever played, Rookie, Forever Strong, The Blind side, Shawshank Redemption, Remember the Titans and few others are just as much good movies you can see both as individual, friends & with family. As a parent you teach child form these movies a lot about life and what they should take with them in their path.

In olden days, they say good books are treasure of life. I think in modern days with time running fast, movies are better to educate people with good and worthy thoughts.

Vishnu Kumar,
Friends make history

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