Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Year that redefined my life

Well thats how i will define 2011 if someone ask me to do. A revolution happened and best thing about that is, it forced me to do things. I failed, embarrassed, disappointed and frustrated but learned to go through those moment, learned to handle the bad situation better and kept chasing the success even though it eluded me more often.

This year i will remember for long time because i believe my life basement is laid in this 12 months. Its not because i got placed in CTS and have a job around the corner in 6 months time, its because i finally learned what i need to do in my life. I always wonder to do many things and i still do, but this year helped to define the path. The path that i believe will connect all my goals separated over various field. Here is my most wonderful and unforgettable moments & good things I did or happened this year in no order.

Solid batting :

At the start of this year before moving away from club cricket, I played two of my best innings where i once lead my team to win and other to hard fought tie.Not big scores, just 48* and 34* but the context of the match in which scored those runs really satisfied me lot. Irony is i never got appreciated both times rather once i was given mouthful words for pushing for quick runs since other batsmen is not good runner and coach believed that his wicket is more important than mine.

Dream come true : India winning world cup

April 2nd, The moment which the whole India waited for long, long time. Moment of Dhoni hitting six and jumping in not knowing what to do in college Auditorium where more than 1500 students watching still in front of eyes. Tears in my eyes wept off the long awaited dream in the heart.

Writer : Sportsmirror

I never even in dreams of dreams thought i will become writer but that's how life unfolds. Its not you who script what life will be, rather its life which tells how you should. The words are less to say thanks to Vikram and Pooja Kamboj who gave me the opportunity as intern. Those 3 months are learning curve for me and today when i sit down to write an article, i see the difference clearly. Above all, will be always thankful to Singer Chinmayi akka through whom i first got to know about twenty19 which then routed me towards sportsmirror.

Winning way : Harsha Bhogle

Year just kept getting better for me. For the first time in my life, something very special happened during my birthday. Wrote an article based on my real life experience with cricket in passion and won the book which will be autographed by my inspiration and author of the book, Harsha Bhogle. Also for first time in my life, i read the entire book and simply loved it.

Last moments of college with friends:

4 years, just nothing happened or made me special towards college life. But last 6 months, the last semester where we all will be together sitting in class and spending time, really kicked off my emotions. I was very happy i took the chance to speak before my friends because i regret it never happened during my school life. Whatever happens hereafter in life, College life will be always with me together my best school times.

Personal learning : Movies, reading and off-course earning money

I think the movies which saw all this year, changed me lot. A lot of wonderful movies, thought provoking and life telling stories. From nothing to over 20 English movies now i have as collection for life like we keep books. Read lot of things, just started as vague with no intent and learnt lot.

There are so many to write but i can't able to tag those under any words. As i said at first, this is the year that defined my life path. I think facebook and twitter played major role in my life this year. As usual, lots of new friends but still not forget all my old friends.

If i were asked to pick the most satisfying & unforgettable moments, surely India winning the world cup. But 1) Vikram Kamboj recommending me to Times of India newspaper for writer job and later showing one of my article to all in Chandigarh Time of India Office, then
2) my friend Aditya trusting in my ability and recommending me to his friends (sportskeeda) saying i am good writer,

are the two moments which deeply moved me. I will be always thankful to those who all helped me and that is one thing i always ask god to make not to forget those who helped me.

Hearty thanks to all and lets welcome 2012 with no expectation. We do what we love and let the things happens rather running towards it.

Happy new year to all :)

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