Monday, December 19, 2011

Silence evoking emotions

People tell you always when you are in stress or disturbed, seek silence at best places. I don't know how somehow i speak more during silence but only difference is its one way, I speak and nature listen. There is a inner silence, a inner emotions which comes at high or low times in life and sprays around the truth of your real image among others. I haven't been through that situation but had gone through those emotions and silence in private (I and nature alone).

Today was one such day spending lonely time and thinking about lot of things. While walking lonely on sides of roads in one of the street near my home, i heard " Poongatrile Un Swasathai Thaniyaagath Thaedipaarthaen", song from Uyire movie, written by none other than great Vairamuthu. Silence, emotions and lyrics of that song took me somewhere and at one moment i started murmuring my own lyrics inspired from that song. It was such a great moment and felt like my life can end now. You go to through those moments to realise the beauty of life and nature of the world.

Poongatrile En Swasathai Thaniyaagath Thaedipaarthaen
jananatheen vidai kekkum pothu
Kannil iruntha valiyal amaithiyelum poorkalam kanden
Uyirin Ole piriyum munnae En Kural kekkum angae
Amaithi poorukku pinbu dhannoo

 - (Inspired from Vairamuthu lyrics)

It keeps you away from helling at god for giving you this life, away from anger, away from opponents, away from vengeance and away from all hatreds. You won't be alone in that world, your good memories and thoughts hugs you with love. The whole world is different, everything looks beautiful but until your worries prop up. Its unexplainable and it will remain as such to let others go through rather read about that.

Had you gone through moments like this? if not, try.. good or bad, you get a chance to ask plenty of questions that you can't do otherwise.

Good night and sweet dreams :)

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