Saturday, August 6, 2011

To my Friends

To be honest, i don't know where to start and from whom to start. Friendship is one thing i have always believed whether i have seen them in real life or through internet. Whatever i have now might not be the same after 5 years but i know there is something i always have even after 15 years, Friends and Friendship.

I made lots of friends but most of them came through because of needs and right so, it doesn't stayed long enough to celebrate. Even after that, there are plenty who stand me with now and to think i made lot of true friends in 20 years of my life is something i will cherish. I wasn't lucky to have a childhood friend traveling with me in life, but i still remember two, Sasi kumar and jayaprakash . Sasi was very close to me and we share lot of things including our home stories. I last saw Jayaprakash 10 years ago as i moved away from the village and Sasi 6 years ago. I wish and hope i see them one more time in my life.

If childhood is memory, then teenage is history. My school days are my best and good thing is we all keep in touch with each other even now. We still fight each other, we still mock each other and we still not praise each other in front of them and we still hide our love but we keep remembering each other. Now, college friends and i still don't know how much love its going to come when i say goodbye to them at the end of this year college thinking i will meet them again soon. Apart from these, there are lots of friends i made when i was working in browsing centers, playing cricket and through games in internet.

Friendship is so sweet that i can't express how it tasted in my life.A day will come to say goodbye to my friends and till that i celebrate my life with them.

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